small portable radio with best reception – Portable Digital Radio AM FM – Best Reception and Longest Lasting. AM FM Compact Radio Player Operated by 2 AAA Battery, Stereo Headphone Socket (Black, Orange), by Vondior

small portable radio with best reception

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Why AM/FM digital radio?

Are you planning a long hike or a camping trip, and are concerned
about losing your expensive gadgets?

Did you ever get stuck with no electricity, couldn’t charge your smartphone,
and felt totally disconnected from the world?

Well, if that’s the case, this digital AM/FM radio is just the solution.
It’s really like going back to good old days of radio, but with a higher quality of sound,
better reception and CD-quality listening.
Digital radios do not have any of the static or interference that regular radios have,
since the signal is processed solely with processor.
It’s like watching your favorite black and white movie, but in colors and 3D.


…it’s your anniversary

…you want to escape the everyday routine

…you’re taking HER to a cabin

…at the end of the world

…no TV, no computers

…and just when the radio playing “your song”, you expect that any second it will go buzz,
hiss, crackle, and the song will disappear in a burst of static, as it used to be in the old times.
But instead of that, your digital radio continues playing it with a perfect sound, stable and strong, like your love…

In contrast to the analogue radio, digital technology brings more stations
with easy store and fast change between them, setting up alarm to
wake up with your favorite station and much smaller size.

Operating on only two AAA batteries, found in every household this digital display radio will play for weeks.
If you find yourself in an emergency situation,
this little gadget can actually be a life saver.

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POWERFULL LONG LASTING PERFORMANCE – When power interruptions occur for long periods of time, batteries of all gadgets eventually die. It’s a very stressful feeling of isolation. But with this AM/FM Digital radio, which runs on AAA batteries found in every household, you can stay connected and get broadcast news in real time. Keep one in your emergency kit, it’ll come in handy.
COMPACT RADIO, BIG SOUND – nice to know some things never change. Radio broadcasts rock even today. Our digital AM/FM pocket radio will take you back to your younger years without compromising sound quality. With a built-in large speaker, it can easily fill a room with your treasured songs, or baseball game.
REMARKABLE BATTERY LIFE – Using your devices throughout the day eats up batteries in a few hours’ time. With our digital AM/FM radio, your AAA batteries will last for weeks. So, go ahead and take it on a long trip, or give it to your son or daughter for camp. You will get great feedback upon their return.
UPGRADED NOSTALGIA – Keeping pace with the operation of fast-changing technology can be confusing, but old-fashioned manual searches for the desired station is annoying. Our pocket digital radio is a popular item because it has been upgraded to combine the efficiency of contemporary technology while maintaining traditional transistor radio simplicity. It’s a digital era gadget for analogue people!
TAKE CARE OF YOUR LOVED ONES – Want to score some compliments when choosing a present for your parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles? This AM/FM radio is the ultimate gadget to purchase. Simple to use, yet elegant and classy, it’s sure to fill their heart with joy.

small portable radio with best reception


Bestseller No. 1
Panasonic Portable AM/FM Radio with Great Reception, Led Tuning Indicator, Compact Size + 4 AA Batteries + HeroFiber Ultra Gentle Cleaning Cloth
  • This kit includes: Panasonic Portable AM/FM Radio, 4 AA Batteries, AC Power Cable, HeroFiber Ultra Gentle Cleaning Cloth & Owner's Manual
  • GREAT TO USE around in the house, out in the yard or shed, playing in the field, going camping, or during Emergency situations such as during hurricane season or storms with power outage
  • LARGE TUNER DISPLAY: station display and tuner dial are large and easier tuning (FM / AM separate dial scale and large band indicator with tuning LED
  • LARGE TUNING KNOB good old fashioned manual tuning knob makes station detection fast and easy
  • DYNAMIC 10cm speaker & ferrite bar antenna for excellent quality sound, Earphone/Headphone Jack, Powered by AC Plug or AA Batteries
SaleBestseller No. 2
Panasonic RF-2400D AM / FM Radio, Silver
  • RF 2400 AM/FM Analogue Tuner : Frequency Range FM 87 to 108MHz (50kHz step) AM 520 to 1730kHz (9/10kHz step)
  • 10 centimeter Speaker and Ferrite Antenna for good sound
  • Audio System Power Output (RMS) : 770mW Max other power source battery DC 6V (R6/LR6, AA, UM 3) x 4, AC 120 V, 560Hz
  • Earphone/ Headphone (3.5 millimeter) yes (mini/mono)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) [Approx] 234 x 122 x 82 millimeter
SaleBestseller No. 3
J-05 Transistor Radio Battery Operated AM FM Radio with Excellent Reception, Portable Weather NOAA Radio Powered by 3X D Cell Batteries or AC Power for Household and Outdoor by PRUNUS
  • 【Excellent Reception】Frequency range: FM: 87-108 MHz, AM:520-1710 kHz, WB:162.40-162.55kHz, equipped with high-quality DSP chip and telescopic antenna, greatly enhance signal reception without static, enjoy your favorite stations to listen to music, baseball game, news, and NOAA weather updates
  • 【Superior Sound】The portable transistor radio has built-in 3W large powerful speaker, filling a room with clear sound clarity, With the 3.5mm earphone input jack for using with headphones not to disturb others around you
  • 【A Must For Emergency】Not just a AM/FM portable radio, it's also a necessary emergency kit to warn you of incoming severe weather, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, earthquake, etc. Having this portable weather radio could easily save your family's lives in an emergency. NOTE: Not support automaticly notify you of NOAA alerts
  • 【Two Power Sources】AC-110V-50Hz power up the battery powered radio(includes the power cord), perfect for using in living room, kitchen and office. 3xDC-1.5V batteries for camping, gardening and carrying around with your portable radio. NOTE: D cell batteries not included
  • 【Convenient To Use】This small portable radio (size: 233*61*133mm, weight: 586g) has a portable handle for carrying, a large frequency scale for easy reading, two big knobs for easy tuning, perfect for some enjoyable time at home, the park, beach, picnics, gym or playroom. Just three simple buttons to tune, it's easy to use for all ages

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